Hello! My name is Domenic Savaglio. Welcome to Day By Dom!

I am a recent graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI with a BBA in International Business and Marketing. I also minored in Italian Studies. To learn more about my background, read this. In 2016, I spent almost five months living in Milan, Italy as an exchange student. Since that time, I have visited more than 15 countries (and many cities in the US). The things I experienced and seen up until the point of writing this sentence have been serendipitous, from the top of the Swiss Alps to a show during Milan Fashion Week, from a missed flight in Paris to a night out in Budapest.

My hope for this blog is to share my experiences with you and inspire you to believe that travel and intercultural perspectives can be an integrated part of your life. I promise to bring you inspiring content, and I hope that that content sparks you to see the magic in each new place you go.

On this site, you can expect to see posts about travel, Italy and its charming language (which I have devoted almost 10 years of my life to learning), language learning methods, my personal travel anecdotes, and so much more!

Sound interesting? If so, feel free to poke around my site, leave a comment, or email me at domenic[dot]savaglio1[at]gmail[dot]com. I would love to talk!

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Happy Reading!


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