Beautiful Montenegro

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This summer, I had the privilege of spending two weeks in Montenegro. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Montenegro is a small country in Eastern Europe, part of former SFR Yugoslavia. The reason for my stay was to visit family friends, who live there each summer.

After I landed in the country’s capital of Podgorica, the first place I was headed was to Berane, a small city in the northeast of the country. Windy roads, steep mountains, and cattle crossings were abundant, and so was the sunshine! Berane is a charming little town, with the café lined “grad” (“city” in Serbian), beautiful river, and surrounding mountains. We started the day by getting ready and going to the grad for breakfast. We normally went for a savory breakfast of eggs, bread, prosciutto, and cheese. Afterward, we would go to the cafes to relax, people watch, and enjoy each other’s company. Since it got very hot at high noon, sometimes we would go back to the house and sleep or watch movies before going out for the night.

Berane, Montenegro
Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery, Berane

Berane is not a place the average tourist would go; if I didn’t have friends here, it would be a place I didn’t know existed. Being there wasn’t so much about what I could see, it was more about what I could experience. And, more importantly, what I could take away. This trip made me realize that the places I loved most weren’t about the actual places. It was about what I learned and who I met. In Montenegro, I always felt welcomed. Everyone made an effort, even given the fact that nearly no one could speak to me. No one had a lot compared to most of us, but they had so much to give. I figured out that when you can’t communicate with words, you understand so much more when someone smiles. Hand gestures become clearer. The human spirit grows stronger. That’s what visiting Montenegro gave me.

Kumovi, Montenegro

I also had the opportunity to visit Montenegro’s coast, which is up and coming and worth the visit. That will be for a different post!

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