5 Essentials for an Overseas Flight + Tips

Embarking on a long flight to a lot of people is nothing short of treacherous. Being on a plane is an experience that sometimes makes you feel inferior; for some people, it’s even a high-stress situation. In this post, I want to highlight a few items that I use when I go overseas. I hope they make your life easier too!

First, invest in a good backpack. I know it can be easy to buy a pretty inexpensive backpack at Walmart, but these aren’t the types that will last you. I recommend a Patagonia Paxat Pack 32L. Thirty-two liters is perfect to fit anything you may need in a carry-on, and this pack serves well for every purpose. I use mine for traveling, an overnight pack, a school bag, and more. Pro tip: pack about 5 days worth of clothing in this bag as a carry-on in the event your checked bag gets lost. My bag once didn’t follow me to my destination, so I was glad I did that!

Next, get yourself a travel sheet. What is this you may ask? A travel sheet is a sheet that folds up in a pretty small sleeve that you can take basically anywhere. If you plan to travel around in hostels, you can use this sheet if there aren’t any provided for you (or, the ones they have don’t meet your expectations in regards to cleanliness!). They can also be used for an extended stay at an airport (hey, I hope you don’t miss your flight out of Paris like I did, but things happen!). I recommend this Cocoon Silk-Cotton Travel Sheet, because 100% cotton will make you hot and silk may not be enough to keep you warm. This one’s the best of both worlds!

No trip is complete without a portable charger! These guys save lives. Whether you’re on a long-haul flight with no outlets, or you’re touring around Paris, these are indispensable. Usually, you charge the battery up so you can use it without plugging in your phone to an outlet. I recommend Anker, the leading brand in this product category! I have this one: Anker PowerCore+ Mini Portable Charger.

Also, buy a passport holder…please don’t get a money belt! Those are supposed to deter theft but I think they just make tourists a pickpocket magnet! Anyway, get a passport holder that’s more like a wallet. I got one but didn’t care about it much until I realized how handy they were. They are nice for when you’re boarding a flight and you have your boarding pass and passport and other documents in one place. I also used to use it somewhat as a wallet on weekend trips, but be careful with this. You don’t want your money, cards, and passport in the same place and on your person. I like this holder: Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Raynor Passport Holder RFID Blocking Wallet.

And finally…

Make sure you bring something onto your flight that you look forward to enjoying. Update your music library or find a new podcast series. If you like to read, download a few books onto your phone to pass the time. Another pro tip: when you book a long-haul flight, make sure it has in-flight entertainment so you can enjoy movies at your own pace.

Let me know in the comments if I missed a good trick! Stay tuned for next week’s post where I’ll discuss useful travel apps!

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