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As the title indicates, I’m here to give you some pretty solid reasons on why you should learn Italian. However, if you are looking to learn a different language, I hope this post enables you to search deeper on your reasoning for choosing that language. I think knowing Italian has opened my world, and I hope it opens yours too!

People often base learning a language off how “useful” it is; i.e. how many people speak it. However, many fail to realize the value a certain language can have over another based on your career or personal preferences. That goes beyond the sheer number of people with whom you can speak. We as English speakers have the privilege of not having to learn a language out of obligation, so why not choose a language we love? In my opinion, ANY second language will make you smarter, cooler, and more marketable. Alas, here are some excellent reasons to start learning Italian!

  1. You’ll be in good company! Did you know Italian is the world’s fourth most studied language? You can fact check that here.
  2. Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, and parts of Slovenia and Croatia are the 6 countries that use Italian as an official language. In addition, many people speak it where Italians have settled (in the past or present). Around 85 million people speak Italian as a first or additional language.
  3. Italian is one of the closest languages to Latin, its ancestor. This will inevitably improve your native language as well! Don’t believe me? “Credere” means “to believe;” the English word “credible” means “able to be believed.” Through knowing Italian, you will constantly be making these connections.
  4. Certain languages are considered “useful” in certain fields. For example, if you want to work for the federal government, languages like Arabic or Russian can be useful. If you want to work in areas near the US/Mexico border, Spanish is undeniably useful. Career paths where Italian is particularly useful include fashion, music, culinary arts, history, and tourism, amongst others.
  5. Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world, and knowing its language will make your experience even richer. It’s also one of the most common destinations for American students to study.
  6. Once you learn one Romance Language, it will become easier to pick up another. If you already know Spanish, consider then learning Italian, as they are quite similar. Or maybe once you learn Italian, you can pick up French or Portuguese.
  7. Italian is often regarded as the world’s most beautiful spoken language. Knowing Italian is sexy! It’s a language that’s pleasing to speak and hear. You will feel connected to la dolce vita, or the “sweet life” commonly associated with Italian culture.

These are just a few reasons why I think you should learn Italian. If anything, I hope that you choose a language that suits you (if you’re looking to pursue one). You don’t have to learn a language just because it is widely spoken. If you aren’t passionate about it, you’ll never learn it to your desired proficiency.

In bocca al lupo! Good Luck!

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  1. Demi

    They’re all very good reasons for one to learn Italian, aren’t they? While reading your post, I realised that I cannot rationally explain my obsession with the Italian language and culture these days. I explain in one of my own posts why I’m learning Italian *on my own* and share my educational journey, but it has never crossed my mind to ‘justify’ why I’ve chosen Italian in the first place! I honestly don’t know, believe it or not. Most people had told me that I’d be much better off studying German or Chinese because they look good on a CV and they’re considered great assets in the job market, but in the end I stuck with Italian, convinced that I will never regret it!

    1. Post
      Domenic Savaglio

      Thanks for reading, Demi! I just visited your blog and realize that I have come across it before. 🙂 I tried to objectively justify learning Italian (besides the fact that I’m Italian-American) because I have always heard about how “useless” it is. But, my university has offered more options for students to study it before studying in Italy, which I think is great! If you want to continue reading my posts, I encourage you to subscribe below!

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