Language Learning Tips

So many people want to learn a second language, but they don’t know how. I get it, it’s not easy to learn a second language. I speak Italian because I studied it in school, but I also lived in Italy for 4.5 months. It’s easy for me to say, “you need to immerse yourself!” Not everyone can just uproot themselves and move to the place that speaks the language they want to learn.

However, I still believe in this philosophy. Immersion is the only way to learn a language well. If you’re able to take stints and travel to the country that speaks the language…more power to you! In the meantime, what you should be doing is simulating immersion in your own life. Here are some little ways to do it:

Change the language on your phone or laptop

I did this when I was in Italy…it helps you learn new words and even a few technical ones! Eventually, I didn’t even realize my phone was in a foreign language…that’s the point!

Use YouTube!

There are so many awesome resources on YouTube for people who want to study a foreign language. Subscribe, comment, and interact. Read other people’s comments. Doing this for 10 minutes a day kept improving my Italian

Read something of interest to you in a foreign language.

Do you read news? Read it in a foreign language. Maybe your comprehension is only at a child’s level…read your favorite children’s book in a different language! I recently bought Harry Potter e la pietra filosofale vol. 1 (Italian Edition). I’ve already read the first Harry Potter in English, so I know the story line. That way, if I start to find understanding some words difficult, I already know the context of the story to help me.


Search your favorite podcast medium for language learning ones. In particular, Coffee Break has great podcasts for a number of languages. Listen to them on your downtime, commute, or anywhere else for that matter. This also goes for music. Recently, the Italian podcast I’ve been listening to is “Learn Italian With Lucrezia.” Visit SoundCloud – Music & Audio to listen!


Have a simple book read to you in a foreign language. I personally love audible! It’s a super easy way to have access to audiobooks whenever you’d like.