London, Part 1

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This summer was my first time in London (I didn’t visit when I studied in Milan). I have wanted to visit London since I could remember. Seriously, even as an elementary school kid I wanted to go there. There was something about it that really caught my attention. Maybe it was the amount of times I heard it in history class, or how many movies were set there. I don’t know, but regardless, it was my dream.

I went to London with super high expectations, and those expectations were surprisingly met (does that happen with anything?).

We used the tube to get from Heathrow to the Southwark neighborhood (our accommodation for our stay; read more about it here). At first, it seemed fine, then 5:00pm rush hour hit and we were swamped! Regardless, we found our “flat” with relative ease.

Elephant & Castle Tube station, Southwark


We jam packed the first day in the city. We saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, and in typical London fashion, it poured rain. The typical Americans we were did not prepare for this rain either. We didn’t particularly like this attraction due to how touristy it was, but it’s something to see once.

Changing of the guard, 06/09/2017

Once we were soaked, we rectified this situation with going to a pub nearby for fish n chips. It was a little overpriced, but that’s what you get for eating near the palace!

Fish n Chips

For the rest of the afternoon, we meandered around the parts of Central London known the world over: Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster, and the London Eye. Around 8pm, we had our scheduled “champagne experience” in the London Eye, complete with a lounge specially set aside for those doing the experience, and a glass of champagne while overlooking the beautiful city of London. That was the coolest attraction I have experienced. The people were relaxed, we talked to a lot of others, and the views (and the champagne) were worth every penny.


So far, London has been everything I’ve wanted it to be. I’m glad I waited until this part of my life to visit. We packed so much into our first day, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip brings.

What’s your favorite part of London? Comment below!

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