London, Part 2

Ciao everyone, from hot and sunny Rome, Italy! Welcome back to Day By Dom! As always, I’m so glad you’re here. If you missed the first part of this post, click here to catch up. This post is a continuation of my trip to London; I’ll be writing about why I love Rome next Saturday, so stay tuned.

My last few days in London were jam packed. I ate an authentic “full English” at Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street Restaurant, which had reasonable prices and was located in a great area in London’s financial district.  Other sites checked off the list were Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Abbey Road, amongst others. Abbey Road was probably the funniest, as this intersection where The Beatles once stood is a pretty busy one (especially with people crossing). We all agreed that the only tourist attraction not worth seeing was the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. It seemed like it would have been authentic, but the sea of people (and downpour of rain), put a damper on things.

Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street Restaurant
Full English Breakfast at Bread Street Restaurant
St. Paul’s Cathedral

We took the Tube (London’s underground) to get around–even that is a tourist attraction! Part of the charm was the Tube signs and the same voice over telling you to “mind the gap.” It was easy to navigate and took us to each place we wanted to go.

I think my favorite thing about London is the neighborhoods. They’re all so different, and known for something different. There are the central parts, where you find the tourist attractions, and the outer parts. We stayed near the station Elephant and Castle in Southwark. Though it wasn’t London’s finest, it had a lot of character and was going through a massive revitalization. I’m glad I got to spend time in the part of the city the majority live in. We spent a considerable amount of time in London’s high end neighborhoods too: Notting Hill, Chelsea and Kensington, and Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes!). Notting Hill and the Portabello Road Market were my favorite; it was a place I’ve seen so many times in photos and it was amazing in person.

Notting Hill
Portobello Road Market
Piccadilly Circus at night
Tower Bridge

London is full of attractions and interests that serve all people. It is a diverse city, and that’s what made it unique. As a tourist, you felt like you belonged because everyone did. We didn’t hit any museums when we were there, so that is one thing I would like to see on my next visit. There definitely will be a next time, as these 5 or so days in London were some of the best spent in my lifetime. I can’t wait to go back.

This post summarizes what I did in London for a 5 day vacation. I hope you enjoyed the photos as well. I will have more stories about London in the future!

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