Rome, Eternally Yours

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A few weeks ago, I went to Rome with my sister and cousin. We went to see the sites, but I went to also see some friends. Even though it had been only a year since I was last in Italy, it felt like a lifetime! I was so happy to practice speaking Italian again, to see some familiar faces, and eat some seriously good familiar food. I can confidently say that Rome has a special place in my heart.

Rome in general is a very touristy city. It is clear that people from all over the world clamor to see the sites and experience a day in the life. It’s beautifully chaotic, which adds to the city’s charm. Something about it makes you feel like you’re in the world’s front and center, in a place that has seen so much of our development as humans. I felt that the negatives I saw (like the poor public transit or the constant barter/street selling) were able to be brushed off. I just didn’t care, because I felt like I was surrounded by true beauty.

Rome teaches us a lot about society, and that’s why we derive so many phrases from it. The lifestyle is laid back, and even sometimes frustrating to foreigners. But taking things slowly is something you learn over time; no matter what you do, you should do it right. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Additionally, we live in a world where respect, especially to those who are different than us, seems void. Part of respect is accepting that there are other ways to do things other than the way you do them. But if you go somewhere different, learning from the locals (to me) is the quintessential sign of respect. This can be in the form of gestures, learning a few phrases of the language, assimilating to different eating times, etc. Because in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Honestly, there truly is a sense of eternity in Rome. You can see the thousands of years before you, or the hundreds, or maybe even just the last 50 years. Rome is what you make of it. It’s a city that’s hard to put into words. I believe that Rome needs to be viewed as not just a mere cluster of tourist hot spots, but a city that has given so much to our known world.

If you ever get the chance to visit (as I’m sure you will), keep in mind all that it has to offer. Think about what even the concept of Rome has given us as a general population. Keep your mind open, and Rome will always be with you. I guess calling it the “Eternal City” is the most fitting way to describe it.

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